Jorge Super Show 
Product Information Page 
20mm Max 
Effect Height 
Safety Distance 
25 Meters + 
Noise Rating 
4 (Loud Bangs) 
Fanned Effects 
Number Of Shots 

Our Description  

The 100 Shot Super Show Battery lasts for a Minute and is full from start to finish of a huge variety of colours and effects. To kick off its fires Red & White Coconut Bursts with Red Tails, followed by Blue Coconuts and Green Glittering and Crackling tails. This is then followed by special Silver Rotating Stars each with Red & Green Stars and Red Tails. A surprise volley of Silver Whistles ensues to add a lovely noise variety, followed by Blue Stars and Brocade Crowns, which again is promptly followed by some wonderful animated Silver Swirls with Faints Whistling Tones, each bursting as their double effects ejects large clouds of Brocades and Crackling Stars...and then to cap it all off (he takes a breath) is a large volley of Golden Glitter Tails Capped with large Crackling Cloud Bursts. Stunning !! 
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