Jorge Pyromix 6 
Product Information Page 
30mm Max 
Effect Height 
Safety Distance 
25 Meters + 
Noise Rating 
4 (Loud Bangs) 
Fanned Effects 
Number Of Shots 

Our Description  

A Spectacular 149 shot Compound cake from Jorge lasting for 110 seconds! Compound cakes are multiple fireworks fused together on one board to make a larger firework with a single fuse.  
Starting with the awesome 100 shot Pyrotechnic Master (Part 1) and finishing with the high calibre 49 Shot Big Silver Chrysanthemams(Part 2) this Firework is the largest firework we sell and a serious performer which will be the highlight of any evening entertainment or even part of a larger display. 
To increase the finale impact even more add a few of our Dirty Dozen Rockets although these must be ignited separately. 
Multiple effects from one box 
Up to 2 minutes duration 
Built in Finale 
Multi calibre shots 
Category 3 
25 metres safe viewing distance 
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