Become a professional firer 

Ever thought about becoming a pyrotechnician? Do you have a passion for fireworks and get all giddy as bonfire night approaches? So do we! 
In fact many people do but simply do not know how or where to get started in the firework industry. People tend to believe that it takes lots commitment or that they don't have the time but becoming a professional enthusiast is easier than you think.  

Follow Your Passion 

We need energetic firework enthusiasts who are happy working as part of a team to help fire our professional displays in Devon whilst gradually working towards real city and guilds accredited qualifications. We have put together a free 3 hour workshop which you can attend and learn all about exactly whats involved. There is no commitment required. After the course you will be invited to attend displays throughout the year which you can decline meaning nothing is mandatory. However, the more you attend the more experience and free training you will receive. 

Join the display team 

Learn about our company, the BPA and what its like being a firer. We will Talk to actual members of the display team and share stories and experience. We will jump straight in and do live demonstrations of firing techniques. Use our hints and tips to improve your own displays at home. Remember nothing is mandatory and if nothing else it will be a very interesting afternoon.  
Interested? just send us an inquiry using the form below and we will send over more information of upcoming working shops. We Operate these monthly on the 2nd saturday of every month. Perhaps you already have qualificiations in the industry and are just looking to attend more displays, we can certainly help get you the experience you need.  
We really look forward to hearing from you. 

Enquiry Form 

Complete our form below to show your interest.  
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