SSSHHHHHHH..... Quiet Please 
We understand that the peaceful countryside should remain exactly that, Peaceful! Sometimes big bangs and other loud noises are inappropriate for a client or venue. Maybe the children don't like them or concerns about the local animal residents getting frightened. For these reasons we offer Low Noise and Quiet Firework Displays both with and without music. 
Just because a Fireworks Display is quieter does not mean it will be any less impressive. Quite the opposite in fact. Often quiet displays are full of extra colour to make up for the lack of noise. 
Our Low Noise Firework Displays still use aerial shells and low calibre bombettes (balls of gunpowder that shoot up from the ground and break high in the sky) but ones that are quieter and have a lower impact. However the noise of the aerial shots leaving the ground can still cause quite an echo in certain conditions. This type of display is ideal for schools, country fates or heavily populated areas. 
Our Quiet Firework Displays have nature reserves and national parks at the heart and have no aerial shells at all. Instead using quiet shot boxes, comet tails and candles to fill the sky with peacfull elegant colour. We have fired this type of display at a riding stables and in Exmoor national park and the horses didn't even know we where there. 
We can adapt any of our display packages to be low noise or quiet displays. Just simply make this request when booking a normal display through us and we will exclusively design the show to your requirments.  
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