It always brings a smile and a warm fuzzy feeling 
We have fired hundreds of Wedding Firework Displays and there is nothing quite like looking back over the footage and reminding ourselves of everything we have been involved in. Its an honour to share in the happiest day of peoples lives and to know that our performances will be remembered for a lifetime. Some people have had some great First Dance Ideas over the years. No matter what the request we will work our hardest to make it happen. We have choreographed rave themed first dances, movie themes, classical pianos the list goes on and on. And we do not just draw the line at fireworks either. We offer first dance music editing and remixing, outdoor lighting and even arrange dance floor hire so even when there is no fireworks we still get to share in the fun.  
No matter how we are involved we get very excited almost teary eyed every single time. We receive many thank you notes when really its us who are thankful to you.  
So from the Brightburst Team, Thank you! 
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