Something a bit different, Musical Fireworks. 
So what is a pyromusical or musical firework display?  
A musical Fireworks Display is not a new idea by any means but people are certainly becoming more aware that such a thing exists and has become affordable. In short, a Musical Fireworks display is a series of fireworks 'scripted' to fire in time with the music. This used to be achieved with an ignition flare and a stopwatch but technology has come so far that now of course everything is digital, even fireworks. We create scenes using effects that match the mood or speed of the music before downloading the finished script into our digital firing systems ready for launch. So how exactly do we do it? 
To start, we talk to our client and discuss what type of music they might like or what songs they want to use for the display. We have a music editing/production suite which we use to edit tracks or produce complete remixes. We can use MP3s, CDs, Record Vinyl or remaster tapes and then run the tracks through our state of the art Pioneer decks to get the perfect mix. Its then finalised and reviewed on a full PA system at display volume to ensure everything sounds absolutely perfect for the big day.  
Next up is the scripting. This is were we get very creative and the ideas just keep flooding in. We can set launch positions, firing angles, calibres, assign equipment and electronics. There are thousands of firework effects and the scope for remixing the music is limitless so it takes some thought to bring it together. Its far more complicated than just choosing a few nice fireworks. The display choreographer needs to take into consideration the firing site characteristics, height, burst radius, volume, debris, safety distance, local weather, stock levels, cost, gunpowder weight the list goes on and on. 
Once finished, the script and music are downloaded to our wireless digital firing systems which is capable of firing with a accuracy of 1/100th of a second. The script is dry tested several times through the firing system to check for any scripting or audible errors. When the big day comes we set out the display equipment and wire everything in to its allocated position, set up our powerful PA system and test the script one more time before preparing to fire.  
And that's it. The final colours fade as the audience cheers on. You all head back into the warm and we start packing up, usually with big grins on our faces knowing that we delivered a performance that exceeded expectations. Musical fireworks are the ultimate in personalized firework displays. What music would you choose? 
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