Small but mighty  
Sometimes, when all the phone calls are made, the shows are ready and the paperwork is done we can find ourselves at a bit of a loose end. This is dangerous because its then our minds begin to wonder. And this weeks question was could me make an impressive display type effect by using multiple smaller Cat2 garden fireworks. Or would it simply just be a damp squib. After all our safety distances are twice what you would have at home so would it still appear too small in the distance. There's only one way to find out isn't there. 
We thought our new 100 shot cat2 roman candle called Snappy Days would have been a top seller last year but for whatever reason it wasn't to be. We sold about 3 in the end leaving us with a box full of them. On its own in a field, it does look a bit weak, but then its going too as the safety distance is supposed to be only 8 meters . So how many would we need to make it better. 3, 5 or 7? well just to be on the safe side we have gone for 15!!! in a vast fan shape and flash fused together using quick match.  
Now that looks impressive. Each of these fireworks is £5 retail price so 15 of them comes to £75. Now, for that money you could get our 30mm 49 shot Imagine cake from Jorge which would probably be an obvious much louder go to option for most. But perhaps this with its 1500 shots could out perform it. This is good food for thought because you could pretty much make your own display effects by purchasing lots of smaller fireworks. Most people do not want the hassle but for the fusing enthusiast there is no end of possibilities.  
Right then its test time. We have a new range of retail fireworks to test from Jonathan's Fireworks which we are very excited about. We will get the cameras set up over the weekend and perhaps even go live on Facebook with our test session. Firing this beauty as part of the finale. We will post it up on the blog page as well so keep an eye out? 
What else could we do? share your ideas for making large effects out of small ones and perhaps we will testing them for you.  
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