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News Added 08/10/2018 
We have a number of public displays confirmed for November which we would love for you to attend. Here are some details with more to follow as times get confirmed.  
02/11/2018 Westbuckland Primary School 1900 hrs (12 minute display) Buy tickets click here. 
03/11/2018 Tintagel Cricket Club 1900 hrs (12 minute display) Pay on entry. 
03/11/2018 Dolton Carnival 2000hrs (village Hall) (15 minute Musical) Pay on entry. 
04/11/2018 Paschoe House (10 minute musical) £2 Pay on entry. 
07/12/2018 Fremington Green xmas light switch on. Free entry.  
News Added 07/10/2018 
So the silly season is upon us and we are filled to the rafters with pyro for you to choose from. We stock even more of the Jorge range this year as we consider them to still be the best quality fireworks on the market. We have tested hundreds of fireworks and when taking all things into consideration the Jorge products come out on top for us. But of course there are fireworks from other suppliers that we just have to have like the Brothers 4D rockets packs. Our Jorge selection packs make a return this year along with an extended range of garden rockets which we look forward to sharing with you. Ignite the skies.  
News Added 06/10/2018 
Last year, the government decided that no single firework could contain more than 1kg of gunpowder. So the suppliers thought that there is Little reason then why 2, 3 or 4 individually tested fireworks could not be fused together in one box. Welcome to the new age of compound cakes and they are huge!! Jorge have paired their best sellers and fused them together to make some seriously impressive fireworks and they are all available right now here at Brightburst Fireworks.  
News Added 20/09/2018 
Barnstaple Carnival Fireworks 2018. Sadly, this year we have been restricted more than any other on the firing site over at Shaplands / Anchorwood Construction Site. Due to the new car parks being so close and with them being so busy due to the fair we are now restricted to a safety distance of 40m down from 120m. So while this means very few aerial shells at least we can still have cakes and boy have we chosen the best and then doubled it. There will be lots to see in this display just not very high in the sky so the best place to watch will be on the Quay or beside what was the heritage center. Our NYE display will be fired from the leisure center car park so we can go back to hitting the big stuff. Thank you for understanding, enjoy the show. Ignite the skies. 
News Added 14/06/2018 
last year we tried out the Emperor range and we were disappointed to say the least. One or 2 of the fireworks were great but all in all not the best experience and we are sure our customers noticed the drop in quality. So this year we are returning to the Jorge range that we have complete trust in, a range that's has us amazed every single year. We use these in our own displays every week and are really looking forward to extending our selection with them. From new compound cakes to large 1.3G rockets for you to enjoy we will work hard to bring you the entire range.  
Ignite the skies. 
News Added 30/10/17 
Join us for one of our Public Firework Displays In North Devon. The bonfire season has truly settled in now and the team have been working tirelessly to bring you the finest fireworks in our retail outlet but also to prepare our public displays making them more exciting and innovative than ever. Our show dates are as follows: 
03/11/17 (Ticket event) Westbuckland Primary School show starts 1900 hrs. 
04/11/17 (Open event) Atherington Playing Field Pyromusical show starts 1900hrs. 
04/11/17 (Open event) Dolton Carnival Pyromusical, Dolton village hall show starts 2000hrs. 
04/11/17 (Open event) Tintagel Cricket Ground Show starts 1900hrs. 
05/11/17 (Free open event) Paschoe House Pyromusical, Crediton show starts 2100hrs.  
News Added 06/10/17 
All the stock deliveries have arrived and most of our products have landed with only a couple items on back order. This means the shelves are overflowing with more high powered pyro than ever before. We cant imagine how your going to choose there is so much on offer. But as always we will be on hand to offer our professional advice. We cant wait to share our excitement with you and hope to see you in the shop soon. Don't forget our public firework displays. We will be posting all our display dates soon. Ignite the skies. 
News Added 18/09/17 
The Bonfire season is nearly upon us again and we have so much in store for you. Over 85 different product lines in our retail outlet this year. After receiving great feedback from the products of our new supplier Emperor Fireworks for NYE we have extended the range with lots of new fireworks, many of them 1.3G. All the classic and some new ones coming from Brothers Pyrotechnics and our public events all over the county will be loaded with our favorite Jorge Products. The team are looking forward to seeing you all soon. Ignite the skies. 
News Added 17/09/17 
Last night we had the honor of firing the 2017 Barnstaple Carnival Fireworks for the second time and we didn't disappoint (watch the video here). Being for our own hometown the team but allot of heart into that display and it certainly showed. Your kind comments and support have been overwhelming and we are already planning something for the Barnstaple NYE Fireworks. Ignite the skies.  
News Added 25/01/2017 
Brightburst is dedicated to bringing fireworks into the 21st century and pushing the limits of what is possible with pyrotechnics. We have recently invested in several new digital firing systems to further help us stay ahead of the competition. Our new systems coupled with our state of the art custom built stainless steel racking enable us to have very accurate firing patterns with split second timing accuracy. The team are so excited about this and we cannot wait for the next performance. Ignite the skies.  
News Added 20/01/17 
This time of year we are generally quiet which gives us time to stop after the silly season and think back to all our displays last year. We fired 25 displays in total all over the south west and at some of the top wedding venues each one memorable for one reason or another. Many many thousands attended our public display too. We have met some amazing people and shared in many happy memories that will last our clients and us a lifetime. We are not stopping (despite what the North Devon Journal says) quite the opposite. We are investing even more in our equipment and in the team to be able to offer you even more in 2017.  
From the entire display team all the best for 2017. Ignite the skies.  
News Added 28/12/16 
Final preparations are under way for the Barnstaple NYE Fireworks display. Over 50hrs have been spent designing, fusing and packing. We have a very exciting show for you lasting a little over 4 minutes, some old effects and some new and we really hope you can join us for the countdown. If your in the somerset area we have another display in Lovington of the same size if not slightly bigger. The new retail range has been selling well as we knew it would, some items are sold out while others run low but there is still plenty available too see. we hope to see you soon. Ignite the skies.  
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